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2012-10-29 17:55:50 by SonicSoul

I'm back from...matters.

If Anyone does See this (probaly not) i want a scout. I know im not the best out there, but i like 2 draw and this is a good way 2 get my face out there.Sooooooo, if u want 2 Please help put me out there and i hope i can help make art sweet again!

P.S i sent in a few pics like this one I wanna call it the Paint series
P.S. FYI yes i know paint suks (lol)

Myself needing a Scout (badly lol)


2009-03-01 19:32:54 by SonicSoul

I think I got the kinks out so look and comment
P.S say something good or nothing at all (constructive helps)



2009-02-23 08:28:34 by SonicSoul

as u know paint is paint blah blah blah and so look ant comment



2009-02-23 00:32:10 by SonicSoul

So i was looking at slideshows and made this from sonic trio on paint tell me what u think


Why tha hell flash screws with vista.
but flash rules and i got it
But won't be some time till i Use it to it's full potential


2008-11-11 15:03:14 by SonicSoul


My Internet

2008-09-11 12:44:10 by SonicSoul

AT&T is a Bullshitty ripoff cause they try to say I switched to a package deal Sooooo i had to cuss their asses out so my internet would be restored UUUGGGHH !

Thank U For Posting

2008-09-06 15:31:25 by SonicSoul

Thanks All who posted on my wall cause thats great

If u Wanna Im Free for comment

2008-08-30 18:17:03 by SonicSoul

Respond if u wanna give me advice or wanna say hey but PLZ dont criticize yet